Summer Happenings For This IMer

July 19, 2013

My summer is 2/3 over because it started when my kids finished their finals, which was May 17th. So what do I have to show for it so far?

Summer is never business as usual. I would like to say I had my laptop out by the pool but I don’t have a pool and I can’t see my laptop screen outside. So it seems I get to split my time in more directions – get some work done, go for a run or bike ride, back inside to hide from the heat and get more work done, build a bookshelf, go to the movies with my son, and so on.

Here are some of the highlights, and then it’s your turn to tell me yours.


While I’ve certainly not been writing blog posts, I have written several new PLR packs and listed them at a discount.
Vegetable Gardening
Affiliate Marketing
Internet Marketing

And I’ve been promoting people who put out high quality products such as Nicole and Melissa’s Coach Glue, Sharyn’s Business Content PLR and Jimmy Brown’s Contentaire.

I’ve also been working hard at the business I co-own with a partner. We’re doing great with it although I’m having to adjust my marketing a bit because we create and sell a physical product. Some things are so different and I’m loving the challenge. This is where I’ve been spending a lot of my time.

And next weekend I’m going to Ken McArthur’s JVAlertLive. It’s right here in Denver so how can I not go? The list of speakers is pretty amazing. Must resist being star-struck by Joel Comm. Do NOT ask for his autograph, Peggy.


I ran a 10K (6.2 miles) with my daughter, friend, and her daughter at the beginning of summer. That was a challenge, and so much fun when the actually running part was done! Now I’m concentrating on improving my 5K times so I can come in 1st place instead of 3rd at the Turkey Day 5K (transparency note – very very small race and I’m in the old lady division).

Hubs and I ride bikes when we can. Recently we rode up Vail Pass which is something I’ve always wanted to do. We’ve come down it several times (you can be shuttled to the top for a nice 18 mile glide down) but we’ve never gone up it. Our up was only about 7 or 8 miles, but did I mention it was UP?


Hubby riding back down Vail Pass.



Camping in the mountains next to an alpine lake for a weekend and one more trip planned in August. We have a popup tent trailer thingie that doesn’t get near enough use in my opinion.

We just got back from a week-long family reunion at a house on the water on Whidbey Island. The weather was perfect, the crabs were fresh and tasty, the hiking was amazing, the food and beer good, and there was water everywhere! Oh, and I even still like my relatives. They got a kick out of hearing my phone cha-ching every time my shop got a sale.


Waiting for the ferry to Whidbey Island.

Waiting for the ferry to Whidbey Island.



The view from the deck of the house – Mt Baker.



Me and the kids after a hike.



As mentioned, I built a small bookcase and now I’m turning my daughter’s room into a guest room. We’re also getting granite countertops in the kitchen. The slabs are picked out and paid for, just waiting for the installation. Yay!

The veggie garden looks amazingly lush and we’ve been eating the broccoli, green beans and yellow squash. Lettuce is done and tomatoes and peppers aren’t even near ready. The grape vines are starting to cover the arbor over our patio and judging by the number of grapes, I’m going to have to learn how to make wine just to use them all.

Oh man, this sounds like a Christmas letter. At least I didn’t brag about my children.
Ok, your turn! I’d like to hear what you’ve been up to.

Breaking Through Your Barriers and Getting Your Product to Market

May 28, 2013

product launchI had an email a few weeks ago from a student who mentioned that she had a project in the works but she was stuck in that “ready aim, ready aim” place. I’ve really been thinking about her comment. I think we can all relate to it in some aspect of our lives at some point in time. It really holds us back! We don’t grow, learn, become profitable, find our right livelihood, or we miss out in relationships, etc.

In regards to Internet marketing and getting your product to market or your online services up and running, I want to address some possible ways to break through the barriers. We put up our own barriers of self-doubt and we can take them down.

Follow a blueprint.
If you have a step-by-step guide for doing what you want to do, then do the steps one at a time. Don’t hesitate, don’t overthink it, just put your head down and watch your feet as they go forward – first the right, then the left. Pushing the button to make it “live” is just another step that you hit on the way to the next.

Do it in smaller increments.
If you’re really out of your element, feel you’ve still got so much to learn and the thought of making a big huge splash scares the dickens out of you, you can always do a series of smaller splashes. Think of it like jumping feet first into the shallow end of the pool – your splash is not as great as if you did a double triple off the high dive, but it’s not as scary and you can get out faster and do lots more jumps. Keep moving progressively towards the deep end.

Put a gun to your head.
It might be that you’re fortunate enough to be in a comfortable economic place. You have a day job or your partner makes good money or you live at home. Whatever. You need more incentive to jump the self-confidence barrier. So pretend you just lost your job and you are going to have to support yourself with your online business. Or imagine that you’re getting a divorce and your partner’s income will be gone. Imagine something that scares the crap out of you and makes you take action.

Give it away for free.
My very first project online was an ebook. Giving it away for free to build my list REALLY took the pressure off! How can anyone complain about the ebook when they were getting it for free, right? People appreciated the info and this helped build my confidence. It didn’t hurt that everything in my ebook was helpful info from leading experts in the field.

Accountability, private and public.
If you have trouble holding yourself accountable, get an accountability partner. You check in with them every week and if they’re doing their job right, they will push you to get done what you said you’d get done. Good accountability partners have a way of making you want to please them and show off what you’ve accomplished. Public accountability works wonders if you’re close to completing a project. Pick a date you’re going to go live, then announce it to your list or Facebook or Twitter or wherever your tribe is. Now you’re really committed to seeing it through.

Get feedback.
I’m not talking about asking your mom what she thinks of your product, but ask people who will give you honest feedback. If they think it’s amazing, then ride on that boost to your confidence and hit the “go live” button. If they think you should improve it in the areas of x and z, then do that and feel the good feeling that you’ve made your product even better.

Bribe yourself.
I’m not ashamed to admit that sometimes I can effectively bribe myself into reaching my goal. If I get this finished and launched, I can take a weekend trip to _____. Experiment with your bribes until you hit on one that is effective and doable. It has to give you a big enough thrill to get you over your hill of resistance.

Partner with someone.
Partnering is an excellent way to allow you to use your expertise and another person’s expertise. It seems the outcome is always bigger than the sum of the parts and this is a confidence booster for sure. You’re confident in your part and you’re confident in their part. Partner with someone who has launched products or services before and has no problem getting them to market.

What if?
You have to get past the “what if people hate it? what if it sucks?”. If you don’t, think about what happens to you. You don’t get your product out there (the one that could really help people), and your dreams die. Doesn’t having your dreams die suck worse?

I hope these help. To paraphrase Nelson Mandela, you’re not doing the world any favors by acting small.

Questions:  What do you have to add? What works for you? Please share.



photo by: Alberto..

Content – What Every Site Needs

April 16, 2013

contentContent – What every site wants, what every site needs.

We need content for our blogs. The more content we have, the more we look like an authority site… and the higher we can rank… and the more we can help fix people’s problems… and the more chances we have to monetize… and so on. Of course we’re talking Quality content.

My online work has always been to help you with your content needs. I want to see you succeed! And getting paid to help make your way easier – that’s icing on the cake.

* I started out offering quality PLR in various niches at AllstarPLR back in 2008. That’s still the backbone of my online presence today.

* Then I began where I could offer you full packages – ebook, optin report, sales page, email series, full graphics – so you could set up shop quickly with a product of your own plus all the supporting cast.

* From there Pat Graham and I decided to go deeper into specific niches so you could have so much more PLR than a mere 5 or 10 pack could give you. We started with Internet Marketing, and added Wedding and Baby Boomer as fast as we could. Next came Baby. This site started as a membership site but after 9 months of headaches with the membership software, we changed it to ala carte. It’s evolving again as we’re doing a massive cleansweep.

* EDIT – I totally forgot to mention How To Rewrite PLR! Questions and more questions about how to rewrite PLR lead to this highly successful ebook. How could I forget this?

* After several emails from peeps who were interested in starting their own PLR business, I was happy to share all my thoughts and launched Become a PLR Writer, and then a specialized newsletter for these new business owners called Professional PLR Provider. Helping others do what I do certainly made me bring my A game and I learned along the way too!

* My next idea to help people with their content needs came about after I saw how long it took some, including new PLR writers, to write articles. It’s not that they were terrible writers, they lacked confidence or couldn’t come up with ideas. Easy Article Starters were born (they’re kind of like outlines and half-written articles) and have been helping people since then.

* The more I learn about marketing and the more the whole online world evolves, the more opportunities I find to assist other marketers. After hearing “I have a Facebook page for my small business, but what do I post?” several times, I saw a reason to create Fresh FB Content. These packs are 50 posts each in specific niches. I limit these to just 10 licenses each. At the time of this writing, there are House, Home Interior, Landscaping, Crafter, Foodie, Hair Care, and Gardening available. I will be adding more and I do listen to requests.

* Since I’ve become interested in photography and I started a separate physical business with that, I figured I could spread that craft into my business of helping with others’ online needs. So I’ve been slowly putting together some graphic packs with images you can use on your blog, on Facebook, in your emails, in your Squidoo lenses, etc.

I know this post looks like it’s all about ME ME ME, but my intention is to show that my successes come from creating what people want and need. Where are the holes in your area of expertise? What can you do for your online world that comes easy for you and is oh-so-helpful for others?

Jimmy Brown, the father of PLR (I’d say grandfather but he’s younger than I am), has found ways to plug some holes that I haven’t touched. He’s got this big Package o’ Help called Contentaire. Besides helping with the usual articles, ebooks and reports, this package gives assistance on some of the trickier things:
press releases
affiliate tools
sales letters
power point presentations
landing pages

Providing what people need is very rewarding in more ways than one. Have you ever created a product based on questions or requests?

Choices and Risks

January 5, 2013

Choice /CHois/ Noun. An act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities.

Every choice comes with a risk attached, wouldn’t you agree?

It seems like a new year propels us to rethink what we’re doing, what choices are available to us, and what risks are involved. Sometimes we choose to step out with baby steps and sometimes we feel forced by circumstances to take make big choices for hopefully big rewards. Other times we don’t make any choice at all, which is really a choice too.

I rarely do this, but I’d like to send you to a post of mine from March 2010 where I share my experience with choosing. The pictures are pretty too. :)

Then come back here and leave a comment!
What do you choose to do this year, this month or this week?

Working Smarter With Your Niche Site

December 19, 2012


Are you ready to get going in a fresh niche? I can hardly blame you, the idea of starting something new and making it wonderful is very appealing.

But honestly…

if you’ve been here before, you know what starts as a good intention often falls short of its mark.

You research niches, hunt around for the perfect blog theme, try to find good keywords, and look for products to promote (or create your own). By the time you write a couple articles to slap up on that blog, you’re exhausted. And then nothing happens with your content-thin site so you decide it’s not a good niche after all and you abandon it.

Sound familiar? It does to me too.

Now fair warning, I’m coming off a Christmas cookie sugar buzz and I’m hoping this post doesn’t sound too cranky, but what I see is a lot of hard work and time spent on the parts that could be left to someone else. I’m not talking about hiring someone to do all your niche and keyword research, to find you products to promote as an affiliate, to write you blog posts and product reviews, and create you a product because that would be REALLY expensive. I’m suggesting you take a look at a PLR business-in-a-box as a way of working smarter.

Stay with me here and I’ll walk you through how I do niche sites now.

For example sake, I’m going to pull everything out of the “box” that Sue Fleckenstein is offering with her latest package. She’s already done the research on what’s trending and has come up with a beautiful package for the Yoga niche. She knows that yoga is a 42 billion dollar industry and it’s grown 87%  in the past 5 years. Sue has 2 upgrades available but I’m just going to add in the first one, the Silver upgrade, to show what all can be done here to get you jumping ahead and help you get a share of the profits in this industry.

#1. Pick a niche.
Done. Although I would probably narrow it down within the broad niche. But you’re not stuck with it; there’s no reason why you can’t go off in a different direction with your content now and then.

#2 Map our your plan of action.
Do this first! Or you’ll be jumping around, disorganized, and not getting things done. Make a list, do a mindmap, or whatever gets you to write out your intentions, your steps, and follow through.

#3 Decide what affiliate products you want to promote.
The whole idea of niche marketing is to monetize the niche by promoting affiliate products, right? Make a list of the products you can promote and the affiliate links for each of them. Sue has already done this for the yoga niche with 11 affiliate products and the links to their affiliate programs, plus 10 Clickbank products, and a link to the top 100 yoga products on Amazon. Already having these goodies saves lots o’ time.

#4 Pick keywords.
Anyone who knows me online knows that I hate to do keyword research. This PLR package comes with the keyword research done and shows exact match searches per month, average page rank of the competition, cost per click, competition, ad count, keyword rating, and more. That’s a big time-waster/headache, er…. necessary keyword research done for me. Boy do I feel special. :)

#5 Create your own product.
You can do this the hard way or the easier way. Sue’s package comes with an ebook you can call your own. There are over 10,400 words already written for you. What I do is take each chapter, one at a time and make it even better. I’ll add images, give a tip in a tip box, include a small story example, explain some of the bullet points further, and maybe add an action plan at the end of the chapter. Yes, this takes a little time, but you end up with something you’ll be proud to put your name on. If you need further help, check out my How To Rewrite PLR.

#6 Create several months of content.
No way!
Again, the easy way is to use PLR articles. This yoga pack comes with 10 articles you can use right off the bat. But don’t just slap a PLR article up as is; you’ll want to add your voice, reword some of it, or add additional info to it. Always rewrite the conclusion paragraph so you can tell them to take action. That action might be to check out a product, check out a site, comment, or read another one of your posts.

Since your blog’s job is to educate the reader, provide helpful resources, and make you money, it’s a good idea to include product reviews in your content lineup. Just think what you could helpfully promote! Yoga mats, clothing, DVDs, retreats, membership sites, etc. It makes me smile just to think about it. If you get the Silver upgrade, Sue has included 15 reviews of quality products you can use.

Here’s where I recommend you do it differently than you probably have been – get 2 months worth of content ready to go right now, not piecemeal. Do your rewriting and make a list of what articles you have, the order you’re going to post them, and the posting date sequence. It’s much easier to do it all at once and have a master list, rather than go back and try and figure out which article you’ve rewritten, when was the last time you posted, etc.

#7 Create a lead magnet.
This is to get names on your list so you can promote products to them via email. You can take the time to make your own optin product or just use the one available in the box. It’s a PowerPoint video. Use the audio provided or do it in your own voice. Another choice, with the upgrade, is a 2000+ word report which also comes with a squeeze page.

#8 Write at least 7 autoresponder emails.
You want your list subscribers to get to know and trust you. The autoresponder emails do this job. There are 10 pre-written emails in the Silver upgrade package that are included for this yoga niche and they only need some of your story and your recommendations (product promotions). I do not promote in every email but I always give some helpful info.

#9 Set up your blog.
Did you notice how many things I put ahead of this step? That’s because I want you to have your stuff – your content, product, lead magnet, and affiliate products ready first [Step 5 is the only thing that you could leave til later]. You’re setting the stage for success this way.  Now it’s GO time! Set up your WordPress blog and get it live. You can use the default twentyten theme or go with a premium theme, your choice. I’m getting long-winded with this post so I won’t get into theme details here.

#10 Set up a Twitter account.
Start tweeting and following (to get followers back). This PLR comes with 50 tweets. What I do is look them over, tweak any that I want to tweak right away, then save them to my niche folder. The ones in the yoga pack are a little dry so I’d add my personality by putting most of them in my own words. This is easier than having to think them up myself. As I tweet them, I cross them out so I know what I’ve used.

#11 Get social and market it.
Join yoga forums and Facebook groups. The yoga package has suggestions for you here too. Get involved so you can become the expert. Don’t say you are not an expert because I’ll just retort that once you’ve looked over all the material provided in this package or in the upgrades, you already know more about yoga than A LOT of people. If you’ve never taken a yoga class, now is the time. It’s good for your body and your expertise-ness.

This is where people tend to give up with their niche. It takes some time! You have to turn your efforts to marketing now, while continuing to add content (which is why you got a lot of content ready to go in the beginning).

Yes, this is a niche site, but it’s also an authority site. Build relationships with your readers and other bloggers. Do some guest posting and some interviews to get your site in front of others. Set up a Facebook page and do some quick and easy FB ads to get followers. I purchased Amy Porterfield’s FB Ads product and quickly amassed 369 followers for one of my niches running inexpensive ads like she taught me. Amy is one of the good guys and she’s so darn pretty in her videos.

Marketing is where the majority of your time should be spent. Everything up until now should not take up all your energy, that’s why I recommend working smarter with a PLR package. Sue’s yoga package is only $9.95, and the Silver upgrade is not more than $17. This is obviously a lot less than hiring someone to do all this for you.

If the yoga niche doesn’t speak to you, I’ve got a few PLR packages too – Home-Based Income Stream, Writing an Ebook, Family Holiday Memories, and 411 on Outsourcing.

Don’t stop! This is where it starts getting interesting, fun, and profitable!

photo credit: Mike Licht,

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