Making Case Studies Part Of Your Online Business

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The following is pure PLR, unchanged. I wrote it and included it in a free PLR bundle here. I’d like you to see this PLR in it’s original form because my next post will show you exactly how I’ve changed it and made it even more awesome than it already is. Stay tuned! :)

Making Case Studies Part Of Your Online Business

Okay, so you’re an internet marketer and you have a blog, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and maybe some products you’ve created. You also make some money as an affiliate for various products.

What now?

How can you get more readers to your blog and Facebook posts, become a trusted expert, make more affiliate sales, and perhaps also sell more of your own products?

Do case studies.


There are several good reasons why case studies should be part of the way you do business. They: 

* allow you to show transparency, which means you can build trust.
* force you to put your ALL into it, from start to finish so you can report the amazing, successful, or unexpected results.
* hold you accountable – you will do what you say you’ll do.
* are a vehicle in which you can soft sell any tools or products involved, as an affiliate.
* are fun for you to do.
* give people the chance to live vicariously and also to see the results of a tool or software before purchasing. People love to read case studies.
* give you something to blog, tweet, and FB post about. Keeps you in people’s minds.
* allow you to try tools in a deeper way than you might have otherwise.
* help educate you – you might learn a better way to do things.
* help educate your readers.
* give your blog stickiness.

There are elements of a good case study you should be aware of. First of all, it has to be something that will be of interest to your readers, preferably with some sort of wow factor. It should be in your niche, the niche your readers are following you in. It should not be about your new workout and how much muscle you’ve built unless that is your niche.

A good case study should also have measurable results. You can’t just tell someone how much better you feel, that’s not a real quantifiable result. I earned $$$ more in the last quarter than the 2nd quarter, I lost 15 pounds and 6 inches in my waist, I increased my optin list by 40%, this squeeze page converted 27% better than the that old squeeze page, it took me 1 hr. less time to do xx with this tool. See? Measurable.

One idea with case studies is to invite your readers to join in too. They can be on the same path or doing something parallel. Or it might be a good idea to tell them about the study in advance to get them interested and coming back to your blog. You want them to visit and read your blog again and again to build up the trust, transparency and stickiness.

You might be wondering what to do case studies on. Keep the above factors in mind, then look at tools you already own and use (or have been saving for someday) or look at something you’ve been thinking about purchasing. It could also be a service, a training program, different types of advertising, or more.

Case studies are educational and informative for you and your readers and they can also be lucrative. All things considered, case studies are a win-win.


So be on the look out for my next blog post. I don’t know exactly how I want to change this PLR yet, but I will change it.

If you have ideas on how YOU’D change it, let me know! There are different directions to go.


4 Responses to “Making Case Studies Part Of Your Online Business”

  1. Jennifer Landow on October 8th, 2013 8:48 pm

    I normally like bullet points but one of the easiest ways to rewrite this one in my opinion, is to reword the entire article and focus on turning those bullet points into numbered examples. Then, you can expand upon each entry with an extra sentence.
    Jennifer Landow recently posted ..Privacy Policy

  2. admin
    on October 9th, 2013 10:33 am

    I agree with you about bullet points, Jennifer. They are usually so easy to expand into further explanation and/or add examples.

  3. Marilyn Thompson on October 9th, 2013 1:07 pm

    Great points Peggy, this one really hits home “* hold you accountable – you will do what you say you’ll do.”
    Marilyn Thompson recently posted ..Do You Know Why You Blog? I Mean Really Know…

  4. admin
    on November 1st, 2013 1:02 pm

    Yes! It always helps when the public knows what you’re up to, and should be doing next.

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