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Guest Posting on Peggy Baron’s Blog…

 I have the most  amazing readers.  They know lots of stuff I don’t. Therefore, I’d like to let these awesome readers strut their stuff on this blog.  If that’s you, please send me an inquiry with the topic you have in mind.

Here are the Peggy Baron’s blog guest post rules:

1.  Anything you post here must be original content for this blog. That means you haven’t published it before and you’re not going to publish it anywhere else.

2.  The content must be relevant and valuable.  If I’ve already written about it in great length, be sure your post on the same subject is adding something new; information my readers haven’t read here before.

3.  Please do look at my posts so you see what hasn’t been covered.  Believe me, there is a lot you can write about! Guest posts on SEO and any of the technical aspects of Internet marketing are a few ideas.  I especially like success stories and case studies related to Internet marketing.

4.  Posts should be a minimum of 400 words, and not boring!

5.  Don’t forget your bio with a link to your site.

6.  Please don’t be offended if I lightly edit your post!  If it needs more than light editing I will regretfully have to decline it.

7.  Don’t go crazy with links.  One in the body and two in your bio is acceptable.

8. You must be around to answer comments on your guest post! I suggest you subscribe to the post so you can stay on top of it.

Sound good? I’m ready when you are! peggy @ peggybaron . com



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FYI  – I can write about a lot more than PLR! 

I can write intelligently about blogging, article writing, leveraging your content, creating ebooks, list building, traffic methods, and many other topics.

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