Twitter Success Stories

April 3, 2009

So you may (or may not) be wondering what the new product I launched the other day is.

It’s called Twitter Success Stories.  

It came about when I realized there were people using Twitter very successfully to market their businesses and they all had a fantastic story or two to tell.  They’re using Twitter to brand themselves, increase their lists, sell products, and to get all sorts of lucrative business offers.


So I spent a couple months rounding up their stories and bundled them up for you. Here’s who graciously gave me their stories:


Felicia Slattery
Bev Clement
Jack Bastide
John Taylor
Dana Willhoit
Willie Crawford
John Yeo
Beverly Mahone
James Francis
Heidi Richards Mooney
Thom Scott
Craig Ballantyne
Connie Ragen Green
Coffee Groundz
Paulette Ensign
Sean Malarkey

Not only did they share their stories, they gave their favorite Twitter tips too.

I can honestly say their stories inspired me and have shown me some cool ways to use Twitter to grow my business.  Check it out – it’s an awesome ebook! (and I can say that since I didn’t actually write it – I just bundled up the stories and tips all pretty like.)

And if you’d like to be an affiliate and make money selling this book to others, click here. I’ve got some tools for you to use.

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