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January 9, 2012

3 quick things here -

1. I forgot to mention that I finally put all your great affiliate marketing tips and insights from the one September post into a pdf. I added my comments too, because I just can’t leave well enough alone. :)

No opting in. Enjoy.
Affiliate Marketing Insights and Tips From Readers

2. Effectively immediately, when commenting on this blog if you don’t put your real name in the NAME field, your comment will go to trash. This blog is about real people commenting and interacting, and real people have names. Getting your backlink is a perk that comes secondary to being a real person with a name.

3. Don’t forget to comment about what you could use a little help with on my previous post to enter to a chance to win Danny Iny’s new book, Engagement From Scratch!




Raising My Hand For a Thesis Theme!

August 17, 2011

As you can surely tell, this blog is in huge need of a new theme. I like my header and colors, but my current theme framework is outdated and there is so much wrong with it behind the scenes. It can’t handle comment nesting, which really annoys me, and I’m sure I’m losing traffic because the SEO is no where near optimized.

What’s stopping me?

So many good themes to chose from that I’ve been afraid to pick the wrong one. I also worry about not being able to customize it as me and CSS know each other on a formal acquaintance basis only, and we’re nowhere near BFFs.

But I’ve been listening to Ana Hoffman and Pat Flynn sing the praises of Thesis themes and I want me one!

Well guess what?!

There is a great giveaway going on at the Traffic Generation Cafe Blog where you can win your own copy of Thesis Theme, as well as a 30-minute consultation with Ana Hoffman. Participating is very easy! Visit Thesis Theme giveaway page for more information.

Confession: I’m An Internet Marketing Business Peeping Tom

July 25, 2011

Internet marketer's day off :)

Vail bike rideI’m a peeping tom when it comes to Internet marketing businesses. I like to know what people are doing because it inspires me.  So… if I tell you about the projects I’m currently working on, will you tell me about yours?

1.  Since writing is my thing, I thought it was high time I started publishing some of my ebooks on Kindle. I’m in the research phase right now and just listened to a webinar that revealed the easier bits. As is most often the case, do’s and dont’s and marketing strategies are involved. If you know of any excellent Kindle publishing resources I should learn from and add to my library, please let me know.  

I will update you when my first Kindle ebook is live. I think a good place to start is with the first ebook I did at Cookin’ Kids.

2.  I’m putting together the next issue of Professional PLR Provider newsletter. I like to have it ready for my subscribers on the 7th or 8th of the month. I absolutely love doing this newsletter – it’s on something that I’m passionate about and it challenges me to give my best info and hold nothing back.

3.  I’ve been working on and off on a blog I’m building to flip. This is based on an idea I got from Tony Shepherd’s Affordable Mentoring Newsletter and to my knowledge, this particular blog topic hasn’t been flipped before. I could be wrong about that though. I think this blog will make someone very happy. The content is ready to go, I’m just playing around with the theme now. I purchased Elegant Themes and I just can’t decide which WP theme to use!

4.  I’m going to be working on a webinar series with the smart and funny Joe Marsh. I’ve never done a webinar series before, but luckily Joe is an expert at it.

5.  Thankfully, this one is more immediate – I’m putting the finishing touches on another PLR article pack on babies for MyNichePLR. This will be the second pack in the series. Eventually Pat Graham and I will have 9 Baby packs. No matter what else I’m working on, I’m always writing PLR to add to my stores for people who need content. :)

That’s what’s on my full plate. It always helps to have a day away doing something fun to help you put it all in perspective. The pictures are from Saturday’s bike ride and sightseeing in Vail, Colorado. Sorry they’re a little blurry; my cell phone camera isn’t the best. Or maybe it’s me?

Now it’s your turn!

What are you working on? Come on…. spill the beans!

Google Analytics – Discover and Do

June 1, 2011

This post is long, I admit it. If you'd rather read it as a PDF, click here.


There are so many areas you can look at in Google Analytics - custom and automatic alerts, visitors, traffic sources, campaigns, content, in-page analytics and more. You can even create goals and custom reports.

It's a little overwhelming, isn't it?

I mean, you look at it and think "wow, that's nice" or "wish I had more traffic", but then you don't really DO anything with all the wonderful information handed to you – for free. So what I'd like to propose you do is analyze what you've got AND do something with it. Hence the Discover and Do part of the title here. ;)

Right now I'd just like to talk about only two areas of Google Analytics – Traffic Sources from referring sites and Keywords, and see what kind of action can be taken from what is discovered.


Traffic Sources From Referring Sites


Start by clicking on "Traffic Sources", then on "Referring Sites".Google Analytics referring sites

Look at the top 10 or so referring sites. Or if you prefer, you can identify the ones that bring you in at least xxx number of clicks.

Now it's time to look at why you are getting these clickthroughs, these numbers. You can click on each URL in your top 10 and see the referring path (their pages that presented the link that goes to you).

Is it because of your comments on their blog?

This can be a little misleading because you're looking at a month's worth of stats, so it's a good idea to actually pull up the referring site and look at it in more detail. You may have commented there once or many times, and the resulting hits back to your site may have been spread out over the month or show a huge peak because of one specific comment you made (was it deep, long, controversial, hot topic?)

Here is a screenshot of the month of January where BloggingBookshelf sent me 47 referrals to this here blog. When I click on bloggingbookshelf in my Google Analytics I can see how the clickthroughs were spread out over the month. I can also see which pages people landed on when they came a-visiting. This info also includes the number of pages they looked at, the average time on the site, percentage of new visits, and bounce rate.  


Click to Enlarge - Google Analytics source


Is the traffic because of a promotion?

These stats are also very revealing if the referrer was promoting a product of yours. Halfway through the month of March, Tiffany Dow started a review of my Become a PLR Writer and it got me 213 clicks just for the 2nd half of the month. The spikes you see below are when she wrote 4 parts of her 6-part review.

Click to Enlarge - Googe Analytics Tiff Dow

Is the traffic from commenting on a forum?

When I check the results for my hits from the Warrior Forum, it tells me what forum post they clicked through to get to my site. That's very telling – I can see if comments I make on certain subjects are appealing enough for people to click on my sig line links.

More questions…

Do the bloggers use CommentLuv and perhaps the titles of your posts bring people in?

ComLuv titles

Are they mentioning you in a post? Woo hoo! That feels great… assuming they're saying nice things! This gives you clout as well as hits. ;)

Are they promoting one of your products? Which one? How's it going and what are people saying?

Did they post one or more of your articles? If they're a high traffic site and they've posted an article of yours, maybe via EzineArticles, you will definitely see a spike in traffic and wonder about it!


Now For The Do's:

  • Comment on those blogs that get you the most hits as often as possible. To constantly be one of the first commenters (and thus receive more luv/clics) consider using TrafficSponge.

  • Definitely leave comments on blogs that mention you by name. Set up your Google Alerts with "your name" and your "site name" in quotes so you're notified when someone's talking about you.

  • Make your titles as interesting and compelling as possible so ComLuv brings you even more traffic.

  • Send the top bloggers that send you traffic an email to let them know you've noticed the traffic coming from their sites and to thank them. Get the dialog going and build up a relationship with these influential marketers.

  • Ask to do a guest post for these bloggers as a way of saying thank you, and of course to bring you even more traffic. Make the piece your best work!

  • On the blogs that bring you good traffic, consider changing your URL backlink in your next comments to a different page on your site. Also, you might have a different blog you want traffic to go to. This not only gets your other pages some link juice, these pages might be really applicable to the topic at hand.

  • If someone is promoting one of your products, keep an eye on it so you can answer any questions the blogger cannot. Also, tweet the promo several times over the course of the next few days.

  • When they've posted your article from EzineArticles, contact them to thank them and see if they'd like to be notfiied when you've written more articles on the same general subjects. Then they'll post more of your stuff!


Analyzing your keywords


Look at your keywords and pick out your top 10-20, weeding out the really weird ones. And there will be weird ones, just ask Marcus the Sales Lion. An interesting phrase I see right now on this blog is "one month mentor john thornhill blackhat". I'm not sure exactly why, but I imagine I have all those words on my site in some fashion. But I did get 18 hits on this so it might be worth investigating…

Consider these keywords as topics; topics that people are searching for. There will be all sorts of stuff here… kw's you've gone after on purpose, accidental phrases that are still relevant to your site but you didn't intentionally target (woo hoo! these are freebies!), and those that are not relevant to the particular site but to another site you own.

Is the traffic coming in via these phrases new or returning?


You can easily check this by clicking on your "Advanced Segment" box on the upper right, and ticking the "New Visitors" and Returning Visitors" boxes. Then hit the "Apply" button.




GA 3 segmentsSo then your info looks like this with the orange line being the new visitors and the green line being return visitors:


So what do you make of this? What does it mean to you to have new visitors for a specific keyword phrase? And how about return traffic for a phrase?

An additional thing to look at when people are finding you organically with these keywords via a search is where they are landing. Is it a current, hip, epic post? Or is it a 3 year old post that maybe isn't even quite correct information anymore?

So what about the keywords that don't match the blog at hand?

For example, I get hits here on this Internet marketing blog for "peggy baron plr". What they are really looking for are my PLR sites – AllstarPLR, PLR-Packages and MyNichePLR.

Are you getting hits for misspellings?

You'd think Baron wouldn't be that hard, but I often get Barron and Barren and also Pegge Barron.

What would you do if someone finds your site via misspellings? Personally, I'm happy they found me. You can call me anything… just don't call me late for dinner. Bah-dump-bump! :D


Now Do:

  • Write blog posts surrounding these keywords if you haven't already. And if you have, consider writing more. Give them what they're searching for! If they come back again and again for the same kw's, then they're either not finding what they want, or they like what you've already said and are wanting more.

  • See what you can do, if at all possibe, with kw's that are from left field. Even the intersting phrase from above might make a good post. Something along the lines of "John Thornhill's One Month Mentor Review… Is it Blackhat?"  (It's not!)

  • For those search words that pertain to a different site that you own, you can write something that I call an umbrella post to showcase several of your sites and capitalize on the search words. I did this recently by writing a post here about my PLR businesses and my experiences running them.. with links to my PLR sites, so the vistors looking for them can find them.

    [That article filled many purposes - it told people who visit this blog about how I make some of my income, gave my PLR sites some link love, gently promoted my ebook on becoming a PLR writer, helped inspire some readers who needed a boost, gave me some cred and some reasons for PLR users to trust me, and it helped me to take a look at where I've been and where I want to go next.]

  • As far as misspellings, you could write a piece with those words purposefully misspelled. I can't bring myself to do that though. But maybe on a niche site that doesn't have my name on it? What do you think?

  • If the kw search lands the visitor on an old post, or one that is not your best work, consider writing a new and better post with those keywords.

  • Consider writing short reports around your most searched for words and give/sell them as PDFs.

  • Put up a YouTube video on the topic.

  • Do a podcast on the subject making sure you have the phrase in your written description and title.

  • Consider interviewing an expert on your primary searched terms, and similar to the podcast, use those terms in the title and written description.


Tip - If the keyword are "buying" words and you don't have a good review of the product on your site, then think seriously about writing one. I mean, people are already searching for those keywords and landing on your site, so that means you've got a leg up in the search engines.

Buying words can be:

product comparisons
get rid of
best price

If these buying words are bringing the people in, whether on purpose or accidentally, capitalize on it if you can.

So here you have it, 2 sections of Google Analytics you can explore, evaluate, and do something with. Two caveats about the "DO" part…

1) I encourage you to do something with the top referrals and keywords, not every single one. 

2) They're not all going to work for ya. Keep to the overall purpose and direction of your blog, and don't shoot in too many different directions.


  • Chime in! Is there anything else you would "DO" with this particular information?


More Important Than The Royal Wedding? Hmmm…

April 29, 2011

Like the rest of you, I'm glued to the TV today watching the royal wedding. I thought it was beautiful and I loved all the pomp and ceremony. And the hats. I can't get enough of the hats. :)

But my husband doesn't get it. Right now, there is something waaay more important going on. The NFL draft. And it's not getting the coverage it deserves because it's overshadowed by the royal wedding and those of us who are comandeering the remote controls.

So here's a thing I'd like us all to do (and I blatantly stole this idea from a local radio station but added my own twist) – in honor of the NFL draft, I'd like you to pick your IM offense and defense players you'd most like on your team.

Pick 4 players for offense and 4 for defense. 2 of each can be "celebrities".

Your offense should be those, if on your team, would and could lead you to victory. They'll help you get on the right track, make more money, accomplish your IM dreams.

Your defense should be the players who will defend you, whether you're getting flamed on a forum or got into an IM seminar bar fight.

Here are mine, in no particular order and without much time to deliberate… I reserve the right to change them later.

1. Richard Branson
2. Oprah
3. Yanik Silver
4. Felix Kelly (since he's turned over his new leaf)

1. Alan Petersen – He's always been there for me.
2. Tristan Higbee – His words – "I've got your back".
3. Tiffany Dow – She thinks I'm sweet. Mwahaha! She defends what she believes in.
4. Gary Busey – because he's just crazy enough to scare off anyone!

NOW It's Your Turn!

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