Productivity Challenge – The End is Here

February 6, 2012

Ocean City, MD Boardwalk 12-2011Wow, it’s been quite a ride on the month-long productivity roller coaster with Susanne Myers. And like any roller coaster, it’s had it’s ups and downs with both thrilling and scary parts, but it’s always been fast-moving! Sometimes too fast. At times I’ve wanted to say “Whoa, let me slow down and think for a minute!” Here’s the original post from the start. I wanted to work on 5 areas of my business and I’m happy to report I’ve made great strides on all of them directly.

I’m going to try to recap the whole month of this productivity challenge but I’m sure I’ll forget something.

Blog posts - Posted 10 posts on this here blog, 2 of them being guest posts. That’s definitely more than I’ve been doing.

Guest posts - 2 of these. This wasn’t in my original plan for the month, but watching Susanne with her challenge to do 50 of them made me decide I could at least do a couple too.

Articles - This wasn’t on my list of things to do but I decided to write and submit an article to EZA. I also revamped my About page while I was there. It was really old.

Written Interviews - One down, one to go.

Chapter to be included in a physical book – Done. I’ll let you know when the book has been published.

Social media - I wish I had could have spent more time on this, including blog hopping and commenting. I did rethink my relationship with LinkedIn and I’ll be utilizing that more in the future.

New products – 2 of them are out in the market! (actually 3 newly created including the new product offer on the backend of product #2 below). There is also 1 more almost ready to go. The first is CreateSpace For Profit with Alan Petersen and this one has done really well. It’s been different for me as we’re selling it through WSOPro and giving affiliates 100% commission on the front end sales and 50% on the backend sale. We’ve got more great things planned for the backend, but haven’t had the time yet to implement them.

The second new product is Easy Article Starters For Affiliate Marketers which I’m having so much fun with! I set up a contest for my affiliates and I’ve worked hard to provide tools and support, and to get new affiliates on-board. Product creation also involves sales pages, squeeze pages, download pages, etc. and is very time consuming.

The third one is technically done, I’ve just got to do the sales page, buy button, and what seems like a million little things before it goes on the market. This will be my priority once I get back from NAMS. It fills a need that some of my students have and I’m eager to offer it to them.

New PLR packsPress Releases, Website Copy, and Men’s Health PLR.

Emailing my lists - Oddly enough, this is something I have to work on because I keep forgetting to! Or I email them in my mind but actually don’t physically do it.

Work with coaching clients - This is ongoing and I love being able to help. :)

Speaking of coaching, I haven’t told you yet about the time I’ve spent this past week listening to Connie Ragen Green’s 10K Laser Coaching, but I’ll leave that for another day because I’d like to share my results from this. I will tell you though – I’m loving it!

  • Let’s go over to Susanne’s blog and see how she did for the month!
  • Have you challenged yourself like this? What were your results?

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4th Week of Internet Marketing Productiveness

January 30, 2012

Ice on Pine Needles
Today starts the 4th week of being extra productive with my internet marketing, which all came about when Susanne Myers and I decided to challenge each other and ourselves to get lots done before NAMS7 in Atlanta. I have a question for Susanne at the bottom of this post.

Last week was definitely a challenge because of personal things – like over a half day at the hospital for my son’s exploratory procedure, plus other appointments through the week and my daughter coming home from college early Friday. But here’s how it went down:

1. Finish up the chapter I’m doing for Connie Ragen Green’s next Kindle book – Done. Whew!

2. Market my new product – Partly done, but not as much as I planned.

3. Work out details on a project with Sheila AtwoodDone up to the point where we are.

I also had a To Do list of little tasks and business housekeeping that I whizzed through.

So this is our last full week and I’m starting it off by going skiing after this post. :) New snow, sunny, I make my own hours… I can’t resist. After all, that’s why I work for myself online; so I can go skiing when I want. I’ll be putting in some more “work” hours later on today.

This week:

1. Continue to market my new product. The part I didn’t get done last week is to contact some targeted marketers outside my affiliate program and ask them to promote. I don’t randomly pick people who have big lists, I look at what the marketer specializes in, what their followers expect to learn from them and if my product could help. For example, if their thing is paid solo ads or PPC, then my Easy Article Starters are probably not what they’re looking for.

2. Write 2 guest posts.

3. Do 2 written interviews.

4. Work with my coaching clients.

5. Finalize the project with Sheila Atwood so it’s ready to go, although I won’t launch it until after NAMS. I do need to outsource a portion of this project this week but I’ve got a well-qualified writer on-board now.

6. Blog hop, tweet and FB comment.

You can see a lot of my tasks are marketing, but I’m also working on something new. I think it’s a good mix. It will really be a challenge to see how much I get done this week between skiing, a doctor appointment, and my son getting his wisdom teeth out on Friday!


Susanne had a question for me on her blog:

“I love your Article Starter Packs. How did you come up with the idea for those?” 

I like this question, Susanne!

It was actually a 2 part thinking process – questions about 2 problems I was asking myself – and the answer actually solves both problems.

I was thinking of the problems people have with PLR – they don’t want to bother rewriting it, or don’t know how, yet they want to have original articles they can submit to article directories or post on their blog that are unique. I’m not a big fan of article spinners, so I was trying to come up with something else that would help them easily write original articles.

The other thing I was pondering was the question I often got from new PLR writers who subscribe to my Professional PLR Providers newsletter, “What should I write PLR about?”  So I was wondering how I could give them a head-start on their PLR writing so they could get their new store shelves stocked and they could then work on marketing their businesses.

So what if I “start” articles for people? Come up with the ideas for the articles, get them started, suggest where they could go next with them? Would that help both parties?

I wrote an Easy Article Starter, sent it to Alan Petersen for feedback, and was on my merry way. It’s always a good idea to bounce things off a trusted friend who understands your online business and brand. Now I’ve taken it a step further by asking myself how to do these so they help affiliate marketers.

How can you serve your readers? What do you know, what comes easy for you but not everyone, that you can create a product around?


Now I have a question for Susanne since she’s got me thinking about product creation:

“How did you come up with the idea for your Daily Affiliate Tasks membership?”

Please pop over to Susanne’s blog to see how she did with getting stuff done. Will she make it to her goal of 50 blog posts? Will she answer my latest question? :)

  • Then leave a comment below on what you hope to accomplish this week!

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Getting Lots Done – Week 2 Goals

January 16, 2012

It’s week two of our Get Lots Done in Internet Marketing challenge where Susanne Myers and I are pushing each other, and YOU, to get as much done as we can before we meet up at the NAMS conference in February. By the way, if you want to join us, it’s not too late to reserve your spot – it’s February 10-12th in Atlanta.

I’ve got to admit I was exhausted this weekend, but I woke up really early (TOO early) this morning because I was excited to start the new week. I’ll tell you what I have planned, which is more like the details of what goes into preparing a product for launch and the sales funnel. Then I’ll answer Susanne’s questions about WSOs.

1. Finish up mega Easy Article Starters pack – It’s got 50 article starters and I’m so close to finishing it I can taste it (and it tastes good :) ). A few more to write and then I need to proofread and edit the whole thing.

2. Do up a sales page for the above, plus start a new optin list for the backend offer.

3. Write the first month content for the backend offer, which will be a 6 month drip-feed of more of this particular type of Easy Article Starters.

4. Do the sales page for that.

5. Get the second backend offer set up.

6. Load the products in DLGuard, create the payment buttons, do the thank you pages and any other page I need to in order to make the sales process and funnel work.

7. Work with my coaching clients.

8. Leftover/not done, from last week – get the outline for Connie Ragen Green‘s book chapter done and write a portion of it – I know what it’s going to be about and I’ve written and spoken about this topic before so it shouldn’t be too hard.

9. Get next guest post up.

10. Email my list about happenings.

I’m feeling very excited and a little stressed. I have the house totally to myself until 4pm so I plan to get a huge amount done today.


Now to answer Susanne’s questions about WSOs:

“I have a question for you, Peggy. I’m still a bit baffled by WSOs. How do you decide what to offer there? Are there certain offers that perform well? What do you do to make sure your WSO is a big hit? And as a follow up question, does offering WSOs help you grow your overall customer base?” 

As far as deciding what to offer for a WSO, I think it’s got to be a combination of what you’re an expert at, or can become an expert at, and what people want. In other words, you might be an expert at cooking and can put together a report on cooking tips, but that’s not what people on the Warrior Forum are looking for. It’s got to be something internet marketers want that can help them be successful.

To know what they want, look at the questions they ask on the forum. Many are looking for the easy button, true, but others are happy to learn about your successful business model and want a step-by-step so they can do what you do.

Are there tons of questions asking about how to set up a Facebook fan page, how to monetize their Facebook page, how to get tons of Likes, how to put an optin form on their FB page…. ? Sounds like something you could create a product around and it would be well-received.

Honestly, I can’t always see the rhyme or reason as to why some Warrior Special Offers do better than others. Factors that seem to matter are price point, how much perceived value the customer will get for his money, how good the sales page is, and the product creator’s reputation, among others.

You can’t always ensure your WSO will be a big hit. Sometimes they’ll bomb and it can be for any reason – some bigger name put out a product at the very same time, the market wasn’t as hungry for this as you thought, your subject line wasn’t compelling, you don’t get many comments and therefore there’s no buzz, you listed it on a holiday, you listed it at a time when a zillion others were newly listed.

On the other hand, if customers leave some really positive comments, your product sales go up, a buzz is created, it multiplies, more sales, and you’re one happy marketer.  I love it when that happens! :)

Yes, WSOs help you grow your customer base. Think of it this way – even though it’s competitive, where else can you find 2000–5000 internet marketers viewing the marketplace where your product is listed, at any given time? You get eyeballs, customers, and people hopping on your list.

With the WSO I have going currently with Alan Petersen (which he did most of the work on) we’re using WSOPro, which is basically an affiliate program. As you know, having affiliates can really make a big difference to your bottom line, and this has certainly been the case here for us. The difference is you don’t have to go and find affiliates, with WSOPro they come aknockin’ at your door requesting to promote.

Okay, now I want to ask Susanne a question, or two…

Susanne, I know you just started using Cinch. Could you tell me more about it? I’d like to know how you decide what topics to talk about and record, and what you think the best ways are to have your recordings heard by the masses and maybe go viral?

I’m looking forward to the answers, but I’m not going to sit here and wait, I’ve got a lot to get started on!

  • How about you, what are you hoping to accomplish this week?
  • Don’t forget to hop over to Susanne’s blog and see what she’s up to this week.

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Internet Marketing Deadlines – Week 1 Reckoning

January 13, 2012

Be quiet...
Susanne Myers
and I started a little friendly competition to see how much we can get done before NAMS in February. This is the end of the first week. I’ve got to say, nothing beats a little public accountability!


Here’s what I meant to get done this week and how I did:

1. Work with my coaching clients – Accomplished.

2. Write 1 blog post – Did it if you count this post, otherwise a fail.

3. Get a new PLR pack ready to go and notify my list – Yep, done.

4. Write 3 more sections for my upcoming Easy Article Starters Mega pack for affiliates – Overachieved as I actually wrote 5.

5. Work out the details of the upsell – Feverishly hashed those out last night.

6. Outline my chapter for Connie Ragen Green’s book – Nope.

7. Blog commenting, tweeting, Facebook – Not much at all.

The one thing that took up a lot of my time that’s not on this weekly list, but is one of my To Do’s before NAMS, is to launch a new product with Alan Petersen. We launched it and it’s been quite an experience, with some good and bad, but way more of the good. I’ll talk about that, along with Susanne’s questions in my next post.

“I have a question for you, Peggy. I’m still a bit baffled by WSOs. How do you decide what to offer there? Are there certain offers that perform well? What do you do to make sure your WSO is a big hit? And as a follow up question, does offering WSOs help you grow your overall customer base?”

Okay, that’s more than one question, but I’ll give it my best shot in the next post.

  • Don’t forget to hop over to Susanne’s blog and see how she did! She also answered my question about guest posting. 
  • And those of you who listed your plans for the week, don’t forget to let us know in the comments how you did!

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Internet Marketing Deadlines, and a Challenge

January 9, 2012

time-middle-age illustrationSometimes you have deadlines because you’re a service provider and you’ve made promises to your clients about when you will complete their projects. Those are HAVE TO deadlines.

We’ve had those throughout life:

    • give mommy some quiet time until the big hand is on the one (or was that just me?)
    • complete that homework assignment by tomorrow
    • pay the rent by the end of each month

Then there are the self-imposed deadlines, the WANT TO. This is where I love to operate, and honestly it’s crucial that I do because I work online full-time and if I don’t get things done, I don’t make any money. But I find the WANT TO deadlines challenging and fun. That’s why I work for myself! :)

So in the spirit of these self-imposed deadlines and as a friendly competition, Susanne Myers, and I are going to see just how much we can get done before NAMS7, which is February 10-12th. I think this makes a nice deadline. It’s one month from now, plus we can start the conference feeling like we’ve accomplished things and we’re on fire. When you feel accomplished, excited, and confident at an affiliate marketing conference it tends to rub off on other people.

How great it that? Getting other people jazzed about their businesses and helping new marketers see the possibilities!

 Susanne asked me what I hope to accomplish before NAMS7 and what I’ll be working on this week…

Well there are 5 areas I want to work on. I’m looking at them as 5 different businesses in that they’re all separate sites, but they all tie together under my big umbrella and there are specific things I want to get done before the big deadline:

  • AllstarPLR – 3 new packs, update the blog on that site, send helpful free info to that list, help affiliates.
  • EasyArticleStarters – finish the mega-pack that’s halfway through, flesh out the details of the upsell and get that in place, load up some more affiliate tools.
  • blog (that’s right here) – 7 blog posts
  • CoachPLR – work with my 3 clients and add a waiting list form to the sales page.
  • Professional PLR Provider – Simply plan out what’s next now that I’ve done a year’s worth of newsletters.

Maybe that doesn’t sound too exciting to you, but these 5 areas bring me income. ;)

2 more things that don’t fit in those categories but are on my plate before the trip to Atlanta:

  • Launch a new product with Alan Petersen
  • Write a chapter to be included in Connie Ragen Green’s next physical book.

This week’s agenda:

I plan to work with my coaching clients, write 1 blog post, get a PLR pack ready to sell and notify that list, write 3 more sections of the EasyArticleStarters mega-pack and work out the details of that upsell, and outline my chapter for Connie’s book. Of course I’ll also be blog commenting, marketing, tweeting, answering email questions, learning, building relationships, and not playing too much Spider Solitaire.

This little challenge has got me uber motivated! Let’s see if I can go go go! And not get shown up by Susanne. And not get unfocused and off-course.


Now I encourage you to jump over to Susanne’s blog and see what she has planned to get done before NAMS. Holey moley!
Here’s my question to Susanne:

Susanne, how do you target WHO you want to write guest posts for? What’s your criteria for deciding which blogs?

Signing off and getting busy. :)
What do you want to accomplish this week? Join us in the comment section!

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