Internet Marketing Alone – Is This You?

January 29, 2014

boatAre you an internet marketing loner?

I was for the first couple of years. In fact, that’s what appealed to me about being on the Internet – I could be anonymous and do my own thing while making my millions.

So how’d that work out for me?

Honestly, not well. Oh sure, I was a good writer, I could put out amazing PLR articles and ebooks and reports, but I wasn’t being seen. I didn’t have the traffic.

I finally figured it out – I needed to build relationships in order to grow. And in order to build relationships I had to stop looking at others in my field as competitors.

#1My first big break came from the relationship I built with Nicole Dean. Even though we were in the same field – PLR – she promoted me to her list. I could hardly believe it! This was honestly the turning point in my business. Thank you, Nicole.

#2Another example of what came from building a relationship with another internet marketer was when Alan Petersen and I got to know each other and realized we had different strengths that could come together. We created a couple successful products including a big membership program.

#3I also found that competitors who became friends were willing to help give me material for a subscription newsletter I was putting out every month. I mean, they were supplying me with content. How cool is that?

Of course it works both ways. I’ve helped or collaborated with others and it’s always a win-win. I happily give them a coupon, guest post, interview, etc. and I gain more exposure, people on my list, and sales.

Working with others has helped me learn and grow. And the little cherry on top of the Extreme Moose Tracks ice cream with chocolate syrup and whipped cream is that it’s FUN.

I had to learn how to get past the competitor thing to gain beneficial friends the hard way – lots of trial and error. I wonder how many dollars I’ve lost by doing it my slow, trial and error way? I wonder how much sooner I could have made some lucrative pairings while learning all the new stuff I’ve learned from them?

That’s my story.

What about you?

If you’ve had some real success working with your competitors, please tell me about it in the comments below.

alice seba

If not, please check out Alice Seba’s new program – Competitors Into Profits. There are 8 modules that go into depth helping you to create those beneficial relationships. There’s a private FB group and hot seats. Plus templates, checklists, and worksheets. You can ask questions, get answers and get a butt kicking if you need it.

It will be interactive, which is not only the best way to learn but I’m thinking you might find some competitors to partner with!

Here’s the link (affiliate link) if you’re struggling with getting things to happen online: Competitors Into Profits.  It starts soon so jump in now to get the most benefit.  

And let me know how it goes!

photo by: bambe1964

Going After Info Products Based On Need AND Desire

March 14, 2012

Have you ever bought an info product on a whim… you know… for later? Because you know you’ll need that info some day?

And then you never even looked at it?

Guilty as charged!

Why do we do that? (assuming you’ve done it too, and don’t you dare tell me you haven’t! ;) )

For me, it’s probably because I think it’s going to go away or I won’t be able to find that sales page with the Buy Button again.


I’ve changed that around and now I get my info products based on my needs AND desires. I also save lots of time by getting it all at one place from people I trust, but more on that in a minute.

Permit me to explain my new successful tact with an example.

I’m a product creator. I do a lot of other stuff online, but my first love is creating products. So this is how my smart buying cycle goes:

#1 - One day I wake up with the itch to create a product. It could be that I’ve seen a gap in the market, or I’ve had lots of questions on a particular thing that I already know a fair bit about. Before I get going on it, I might pick up something to read or listen to on product creation. I always want to know how to create better products, how to decide on the perfect medium, and how to do it all faster.

#2 - Next I dive into creating the product and at first all is well. Then I get bogged down and the whole project slows to a creep. This is when I find myself needing some gems on focusing, saving time or becoming more productive. That way I get the kick in the butt I need and I’m raring to go again!

#3 - As the creation process nears the end, I’m looking for  better ways to outsource the little details. I’m a big believer in outsourcing the stuff I find boring or that someone else can do better than me, so any tips I can pick up in an info product about outsourcing can only help me.

#4 - Next up is my desire for the latest info on affiliate marketing to help me grow my affiliate army even bigger. From experience, I know that having affiliates on-board makes a huge difference. So I want more info on that to shore up what I know and to get more people promoting.

#5 - After that, I’m all about marketing tips, of course! And I’m no dummy – I know educating myself about marketing and traffic means a difference between making less than minimum wage for all my hard work, and paying for half a year of my daughter’s college education.

See… I try to stay away from the shiny baubles and strategically get what I need, when I need it. No more buying stuff that makes my hard drive look like I’m a hoarder who needs an intervention.

I’m busy (who isn’t?) so I like to look in ONE place for what I want to make me a better online marketer. My one-stop secret jewel is Product Drop, which is a membership site run by two marketers I highly respect, Dennis Becker and Rachel Rofe.

I like that it’s a membership site because:

  • there is new information being added constantly
  • the products are their own (good stuff) and other marketers that walk the walk (more good stuff)
  • I don’t have to pay extra to get the goods, it’s all under one membership umbrella. This means I save money every month on info products!

Check out Product Drop if it sounds interesting to you, too, and from there you can nose around inside the site and see exactly what you get.

Let me know what you think or if you already use it!


Easy Article Starters for Affiliate Marketers – It Just Got Easier

January 24, 2012

Have you ever had a good idea for a product and never did anything about it?

Yep, me too.

Have you ever took a good idea and when you started creating a product, found it wasn’t such a good idea after all?

Raising my hand here.

Have you ever had a good idea for a product, created it, put it in the marketplace and people loved it?

Yes. :)   And these home runs are what keep me in internet marketing.

One well-received product is Easy Article Starters.  It came about when I looked at problems many, many people were having with content…

“What do I blog about?”
“How do I write about it differently than everyone else?”
“I have writer’s block!”
“I need more content for my blog, article marketing, emails, ecourses, etc.”

and Easy Article Starters were born. People snatched them up and said very nice things about them. They were able to write faster, create original articles or posts, and come up with additional ideas for articles. One guy said he took an idea from one Starter and wrote an ebook!

So I wrote more Starters in different niches, not just internet marketing. So far there’s IM, Self-Improvement, Weight loss and Fitness, Family and Home, and Dogs. I’m working on more niches right now.

I love it when I can help people!


But I was thinking how I could improve upon the idea, and what else people were struggling with in regards to content, and I came up with Easy Article Starters for Affiliate Marketers and did a Mega pack.

These are so you can use them to promote affiliate products (although you don’t have to). The Mega pack contains 10 affiliate product promotion ideas and 5 Easy Article Starters for each topic. They’re not hard-sell, in your face, promo starters. But you can easily slip your affiliate links into all of them.

The Mega pack topics are:

  • hosting (promote your favorite)
  • domain names/registration (promote your favorite)
  • autoresponder (promote your favorite)
  • Earn 1K A Day (membership site)
  • Nicheology (membership site)
  • Amazon
  • Easy Video Player
  • Thesis WP Theme
  • Keyword Scout (need to be a member of WSOPro to promote)
  • Contest Burner (WP plugin)

So that’s 50 Article Starters you can use!

And here’s a sample one in case you’re confused:

As you can see, it’s not a whole finished piece. That’s what makes them great – you end up with a unique blog post, or whatever, all your own. Content is your real estate! You can use it strategically, repurpose and reuse it, and it will take you many places!

So that’s the path of this product so far. If it interests you, you can grab it from the discount page above or better yet, buy from one of my affiliates. Hopefully they’ll be visiting the comment section of this post and you can find them there. :)

  • I’d like to hear what you would do if you could quickly and easily produce lots of content for your affiliate campaigns! Would you create an ecourse? Article marketing? A free report with affiliate links in it?

Week 3 of Internet Marketing Uber Production

January 23, 2012

Today marks the start of week 3 of this challenge Susanne Myers and I have going where we’re trying to see how much we can get done before the NAMS conference in Atlanta. While I’ve been getting a lot done and I’m quite happy with that, I’m sure getting tired. I think Susanne feels the same way. But it’s worth it in the long run!

Last week was all about product creation and launching a product. This week will be about marketing the product. I’ve learned that while I’d love to just spend my time creating, it’s all for naught if the finished product isn’t promoted extensively. If you’ve ever put your creation in the marketplace, you know what I mean. ;)

I‘ve got some personal things that will be taking up about 1/3 of my week, but I’m going to work hard when I can.

So here’s this week’s agenda:

1. Finish up the chapter I’m doing for Connie Ragen Green’s next Kindle book.

2. Market my product. The best bang for the buck, by far, is to have my wonderful affiliates spread the word. So I’m going to have an affiliate contest! I’ll be working like a mad woman today creating material they can use and letting them know all the details. I LOVE doing affiliate contests because I get to see new marketers earn their first-ever commissions and I also get to watch how the super affiliates do it with style and craftsmanship. Everything in-between is wonderful too. If you’d like to join my affiliate program, you can sign up and I’ll be mailing out the details for the contest soon. This should be fun! :)

I will also be contacting marketers who might be interested in joining in because the fit is good, i.e. they have readers or a customer base that could benefit from the product.

3. Finish up the details for something the amazing Sheila Atwood is working on for me. When you’re weak in an area, you should surround yourself with people who are strong in that area! So that’s what I’m doing.

Now I’m going to hop over to Susanne’s blog and see what she has planned for the week. Join me?

For that matter, will you join us in this week’s production challenge? Comment below if you’re not afraid to be held publicly accountable!



Internet Marketing Deadines – End of Week 2

January 22, 2012

My College Life
Well I was just over to Susanne Myers‘s blog and I can see she’s kicking me to the curb in this Getting Things Done challenge. I actually got everything done on my plate, but I think that means I didn’t set hard enough goals. Honestly though, I was trying a few new processes so I wasn’t sure how they’d go or how long they would take.

1. Finish up mega Easy Article Starters pack – check

2. Do up a sales page for the above, plus start a new optin list for the backend offer – check

3. Write the first month content for the backend 6 month offer – check

4. Do the sales page for that – check

5. Get the second backend offer set up – check

6. Load the products in DLGuard, create payment buttons, do thank you pages, etc. for the sales funnel – check

7. Work with my coaching clients – check

8. Get the outline for Connie Ragen Green‘s book chapter done and write a portion of it – half way done with the chapter

9. Get next guest post up – check

10. Email my list – check 

Launching a new product can be so time-consuming. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big or small launch, it’s exciting and frustrating and takes all your time. I’ll tell you about it on Tuesday.


Susanne asked me a question on her blog and I’ll answer it now.

“We both love NAMS and keep coming back. What’s the biggest benefit you get from attending and what keeps you coming back?”

For me, I have two answers and I’m not sure that one takes top spot over the other. I love NAMS because I learn things I don’t know from people who do know. The teachers are people who have walked the walk, and that matters to me. Even though I’ve been around internet marketing for over 4 years, I like to keep on learning from the best – Terry Dean, Paul Evans, Lynn Terry, Connie Green, Nicole Dean, etc.

The other reason I go to NAMS is to meet people face-to-face that I’ve only had an online friendship or acquaintance with, or barely know by name. This is huge! It’s a chance to share ideas, brainstorm over dinner, talk about common interests, and maybe have some JV opportunities present themselves. When you get to know other online marketers in person, you don’t feel lonely even if you work at home by yourself all day.

Some people go to conferences just to build JV relationships and they skip the classes because they’re pitch-fests or don’t contain valuable information. I find that not to be the case at NAMS. You don’t see people hanging out in the halls during sessions, you see the rooms crammed full of people listening, asking questions, and taking notes.

Thanks for the question, Susanne, and that reminds me of a question I’ve been wanting to ask you about NAMS.

One day I’d like to speak at a conference like NAMS. How do I go about being considered? What steps do I need to take to get noticed by the conference presenters?

I’ll wrap it up now.

  • How did y’all do this past week?
  • Did you try anything you’ve never done before? How did it go?

Creative Commons License photo credit: leonshishman

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