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This here blog is for Internet marketers (and my mom) who want to succeed with Internet marketing by learning from the successes and mistakes of someone who’s been at this a while. The tagline “Adventures In Internet Marketing” sums up nicely what this blog is about.

Go ahead and sign up to be notified when I’ve posted here. The form is in the upper right hand corner of this page. I think you’ll pick up some tips in just about every post because I don’t talk AT you, I tell you about what I’ve done and how it could be done better, explain my case studies and SHOW you how they turn out.

Besides product launchs, behind the scene peeks at my businesses, and case studies, I’ll throw in a contest or two… your participation is encouraged!

You might be wondering why you should listen to me? Well, you certainly don’t have to. My teenagers don’t. ;)  But I’ve been online since 2003 and I’ve grabbed quite a few of those online shiny baubles. My experiences here, the great and the downright ugly, mean that I can share and help out new and not-so-new marketers.

“Great stuff here, Peggy. As far as I’m concerned, this is the best kind of blog post; the kind where you share your actual experiences with us. Awesome!” – Tristan from Bloggingbookshelf.com

“Hey Peggy, I must tell you I love posts like this. Why? Because any average Joe, who is just learning analytics, could read this and leave it saying, ‘Yes, I now understand GA a lot more’. You explain things very well, so people will understand them, and this in many ways is a lost art for many that write and teach online. So heck of a job with this and keep up the great work. Thanks for being of such a service to all.” – Marcus from TheSalesLion.com

Peggy and Sophie
On a personal note, I live in Denver, Colorado and I love to ski. That’s where being an Internet marketer really comes in handy… I can ski whenever I want. :) One of my dreams is to have a cabin in the Rocky Mountains where I can ski, hike, read, write, and do marketer stuff.

I’ve also lived in Austin, TX, Bakersfield, CA, Portland, OR, and Seattle, WA. My other big dream is to have a big boat in the San Juans (WA). 

As mentioned, I have two teens – one is in college and the other will be there before I know it. Hubby and I have been married for 21 years.


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